The C. Melita Webb Poetry and Life

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August 17, 2020  


August 17, 2020
C Melita Webb is a visually impaired inspirational author and a fun loving spirit. She has loved words, books and humanity all of her life. As a young girl she dreamed of writing novels and publishing poetry.  As she grew so did her search for knowledge and she flourished into an avid reader. She continued to be a prolific writer of poems, prayers, reflective essays, short stories, and novellas. 
When she was not turning flips, attending tap and dance classes, or in a skating rink, she had a book, magazine or writing tablet in her hand. 
Her idea of playing hooky, was living in the library and allowing herself to be swept away in deep thoughts.

After an eye surgery and ensuing diagnosis of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome C. Melita Webb returned to writing poems, prayers, reflective essays, short stories, and novellas to lift her spirits and those around her.
She writes with love, passion, clarity, deep reflection and fulfillment. Each book in her poetry collection tells a story of love, life and humanity. She is a prolific writer with an extensive collection inspirational and motivational prose. Her desire is to assist others through sharing life experiences and wisdom.
People of all ages, cultures and walks of life are experiencing joy upon reading her wise words of faith. Her universal message of love, peace, and acceptance are resonating with readers all over the world. C Melita’s love for our global humanity is in every line. It is her hope that her writings continue to allow others to find comfort and relief. 
While her entry into publishing came late in life, her words have been shared for over 40 years. You can purchase books from her collection at this link ~>